Saturday, November 10, 2012

Instagram #2

Dosao je na red i drugi Instagram post. Na Instagramu mozete videti slike moje svakodnevnice i puuuno detalja. Pratite me na @danicaap. Sve slike mozete videti OVDE
Do narednog posta, D.

And here is the second Instagram post. On Instagram you can see my everyday photos and lots of details. Follow me on @danicaap. You can see my profile HERE.
Until next post, D.

Lana Dey Rey moment

 DIY necklace

red nails

with culrls

 camera ring

 some of my favorite parfumes

 playing with effects

 nails of the day

 near the lake #1

 near the lake #2

 just me :P

 tweety mug

 Milka chocolate + mat

 best friends when I was ill

 homemade waffles

 boots of the day #1

 it's all about studs

 boots of the day #2

again me :D

 good morning with good tea

 new nailpolish

a woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting